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Why Cleanturn?
In Turkey today, in most of the public toilets, closets are used, which impose significant hygiene problems. There are many diseases which is transmitted through contamination. There are many diseases spreading through toilet contamination. Being aware of this, people should take necessary measures while using the toilets of which hygiene they are not sure.

These measures could be listed as follows:

  • Cleaning of the closet cover using tissue paper before using the toilet (minimum consumption is 1.5 m tissue paper)

  • Covering the closet cover (minimum consumption is 3 covers) If there is no cover, covering the closet with tissue paper (minimum consumption is 2 m tissue paper)

In addition to that, there are unlisted consumptions which could be listed as follows:

  • Disposing of the cover paper and tissue paper into the toilet, clogging of toilets and disturbing appearance

  • The cost of the time spent by employees to clean closet cover or floor

Now, Clearturn is the only product to prevent all these. It has been manufactured in the Cleanturn ISO EN 9001 process, designed ergonomically to suit human anatomy, providing both hygiene and economy. All plastic parts are compressed thermo plastics. It is covered with cleanroll. Cleanroll’s primary ingredient is polyethylene. Polyethylene is considered as the safest material in the manufacturing industry. Even it burns in a garbage, it does not emit any hazardous gases. It is therefore not harmful either for human or for the environment.

Cleanroll is for 400 uses. In each use, it provides the comfort and hygiene of a new closet cover. Tissue paper cost, closet cover cost, clogging, cleaning materials, labor and time losses are no more problems with Cleanturn.

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