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We look forward to candidate dealers who will distribute new products marketed by Bin Group…

Dealership System
The activities which took a start in Ankara is now being spread to the other provinces through dealership system. The candidate dealers should have customer oriented sales responsibility and consciousness, offer a continuous improvement and inclined to team work. The entities who make an application to become a dealer are first provided with the starter kit of Bin Group, while the ones already familiar to on Bin Group’s current or scheduled activities are invited for a face to face meeting.

First investment by the dealers differ from province to province. This is some 2.000 to 100.000 USD. The investment returns in 3 months. As of this year, Bin Group will also grant Representatives in addition to Dealership.

Who are we Seeking?
The ones who will take part in the business of the age, are open to continuous improvement, seeking to be their own boss, able to keep a pace with the intense business tempo, self-confident, assertive, believing that education is a must, who can take part in our team while holding a starter capital.

In order to establish Bin Group Centers at the required places

Bin Group
Will provide support for training of your personnel, transfer newly developed programs to your system so as to provide you with most contemporary and educative programs, increase your clientele through the ads in Turkey, update web site continuously and improve public relations policies.

It will constantly audit the dealers within the system, realize the system success as a whole, attend to scientific meetings or exhibitions to provide a macro level advertisement.

The Advantages provided to us through dealership system
Bin Group has a considerable experience in textiles since 1992. It develops new projects in the name of humanity, and it will continue doing so. We invite the candidate dealers, who get along well with the Bin Group marketing policy, to be a partner of this successful and profitable business in their own province / district.

What does the Dealership System Provide you with?
Bin Group Dealership system is spreading through Turkey. Taking part in the dealership system would provide you with considerable advantages.

Bin Group makes various organizations within marketing sector. It will advise every new project, which it tries and approves on behalf of the customer, to its dealers and allow its dealer to make use of this new Market and products. Manufacturing, using and sales trainings are provided for the personalized system and the products within it.

The documentations related to the system or products employed by our dealers are provided through the period where the dealership system is effective. Knowing this, Bin Group will support you providing necessary technical systems, personnel, sales, administrative and R&D units. In short, Bin Group will always be with you in order to make you win better. In a proven system, you will be able to establish your own business safely.

Support Kit for the Bin Group Dealers
Bin Group Candidate Dealer Information

(Introduction of Bin Group to candidate dealers, providing general information to phone callers or applicants, sending a file including Bin Group activities after a general information. Bin Group will make necessary announcements on the pages of its web site open to dealers / candidate dealers)

Bin Group Dealer Training
The activities carried out for presentation of Bin Group and its philosophy, Market Works
Providing information on the works in others provinces, training provided in the central offices, publications and ads, employment issues and sustaining employees, customer (or potential buyer) thoughts, public relations and corporate relations, marketing communication methods, Center – Dealer Relations

Bin Group Trainer Education
Introduction of Bin Group and its philosophy, market works, informing on the activities in other provinces, on the trainings, publications and ads in centers, customer (or potential buyer) thoughts, motivation of trainer, issuing an education program, issuing evaluation reports, training of Ankara Center Training Officer and Bin Group Communication and Sales Officer (in relation with the trainings to be held in Centers, the introduction and training for the activities with the Team Head and Team Leader)

Bin Group Dealers Starter Pack
Printed Materials Support Pack
File with sheets, including central works (100)
Leaflets for marketed products (1.000)
Bin Group poster (2)
Bin Group desk flag
Samples from each of the Bin Group Center correspondence
Marketing Contract Samples
Introduction Cards used in marketing
Disk containing Bin Group logo

Compact Disc (CD) Support
Training CDs for the products marketed by Bin Group
(This will be distributed as ad through the organization held by the dealer in the province of dealership)
Conversations and Interviews with Local Press
(Personnel planning)

Bin Group Center Training Officer
He/she should be employed at the beginning, before the center is opened.

Executive Secretary
He/she will direct busy correspondence and phone traffic. Since it would be better if he/she is in the business in center integration, creation and planning, he/she should be employed as early as possible. Foreign language is not obligatory but preferable. Computer skills should be Windows, WinWord, Excel, Power Point as well as ability to exchange files through internet.

Sales Representatives, at a number depending on the services provided in provinces
Marketing and Advertising Officers
They may be employed after preliminary preparations are completed

 Dealer Application Form
 Company Name / Title :  
 Company Address :  
 Company Officers :  
 Date of Foundation :  
 Capital :  
 Chamber of Commerce / Register No :    / 
 Fiscal Office :    / 
 Primary field of business, description of the business :  
 Personnel structure :  
 Motor Vehicle Fleet :  
 Allocated budget :  
 Securities that may be given by the Dealer :  
 Target masses for sales :  
 Monthly sales targets :  
 The dealerships granted before this one :  

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Additional Certificates

  • Trade Registration Paper reading Dealer Company’s registration

  • Taxpayer Card’s copy

  • Trade / Industry Chamber Registration Copy

  • Dealership certificates and/or brochures related to dealerships

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