Bin Group

Offers hygienic solutions with BNG hygiene products.

Our most fundemental principles as Bin Group are, to be the "best" with the customer-oriented working strategy, to give the necessary importance to human resources, not to forget that the development comes from creating resources, to make business ethics and honesty a "must-have" condition, and to be a global player with awareness of supporting our country gives power.

Our Companies

Binsu Domestic and Foreign Trade

This is a subsidiary serving to end users. In addition to marketing, import and export, it also has manufacturing activities. Portfolio contains hygienic and medical products.

Binler Textile

Think of a region where for the 9 months of a year, the economy is only based on the salaries of civil servants. Our plant there, being the only as for employing personnel, has become a significant contribution to the region’s economy.

Binses Electronics and Cleaning

We aim to advertise, sustain, develop and market the products being the first of its kind in Turkey or in the world.

Our Products

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